Summer leagues are a great way to continue with your regular bowling schedule even in the hotter months. Escape the heat and join us indoors with one of our summer league offerings.

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Super Bowl League

Mondays @ 6:30pm | Begins May 16th
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm | Begins May 11th
Weekly Dues $18/person

4 person mixed-adult teams. All skill levels welcome. Team or individual pre-bowl available if needed. Compete for a portion of the $25,000 prize fund.

Drop in Sport Shot Challenge!

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm | Begins May 10th
Entry $20/person

This is a night of challenges. Open to Competitive youth and adults. Different oil patterns on the lane every week. Learn to adjust to lane conditions quicker by seeing the pattern on the lane via Clutch Projections. If you are a competitive bowler looking for an exceptional experience, here it is!

Go Bowling America 2.0
9-Pin No Tap    Adult/Jr

Thursdays @ 6:00pm | Begins May 12th
Weekly Dues $20/person

This is open to Youth and Adults. With free coaching every week we encourage all skill levels to participate. Receive a custom bowling ball just for you at the end of the league season.  

Truly Fun League

Thursdays @ 6:00pm | Begins May 12th
Weekly Dues $20 per person

This league is for over 21 individuals. Receive a custom Boston Beer league bowling ball at the end of the league season. If you identify as a "bad-bowler" who is out for fun, then this is your kind of league! No expectations here.


Silver Creek 

Here at Silver Creek Lanes, we run leagues all year. If you ever have questions about our league offerings, please call us.

(503) 873-5316