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Find all the important tournament information here. If you have questions, please call us!

Match Point

Sunday March 20th | 10:00am
Check-In 9:00am | Practice 9:45am
Entry Fee $300/team

4 person mixed-adult teams.

6 games total, one pair move each game.

180 max handicap/team - based on 90% of 220.

Averages applicable from 2021-2022 season; if none, bowler takes scratch 220 average.

Low to high average team lineup.

1 point/person and 2 points/team per game: total 6 points.

Top 3 teams compete in step-ladder finals.

Oil pattern projection by Clutch Bowling


Silver Creek 

Here at Silver Creek Lanes, we run tournaments almost every month. If you ever have questions about our tournaments offered, please call us.

(503) 873-5316

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